Dialing In Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction may not be working the way you want it to work. That is to say, it is bringing into your life, those circumstances which reflect your overall vibration or you could say, it is reading the “sum total” of your thoughts and delivering to you accordingly.

Most people are not aware that manifestation is an AUTOMATIC and INVOLUNTARY process just like breathing or blinking your eyes. You can “take control” of an automatic and involuntary process. For instance you can do deep breathing or hold your breath and you can blink your eyes fast, slow or not at all when you concentrate on these involuntary processes.

Now realize you can take control of the manifestation process also but even if you do, you must control the sum total of your thoughts with its resultant “vibration”. When your vibration is on a high level and a natural positive level (which is your natural state) then you will attract only great and abundant circumstances. However, if you are not controlling your thoughts then your uncontrolled thoughts are controlling and creating your circumstances.

Remember it is not necessasary to rigidly control your thoughts but it definately is to your great, great, great advantage to just casually monitor your own thoughts…when you are having a thought or feeling or a mood that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable…just ask yourself…is this thought or mood “beneficial” in some way…in any way…to me? If it is not…just throw it out…like you throw out the garbage…toss it…drop it…forget it.

An obvious way to do that is just to reach for the opposite…high end thought…reach for the higher thought…the good feeling positive thought and hold on to that. Determine what is the high end thought by how the new thought makes you feel. If you were feeling down or bad with the moody thought a minute ago…find any thought that makes you feel good while tossing the bad feeling thought into the cosmic garbage can.

This is all not any kind of rigid control just as I have stated …it is merely a casual monitoring and evaluating of your own thoughts…just like you choose who you will entertain at your house…choose what thoughts you will entertain in your mind. If the thought feels as if there is absolutely no benefit to you, then, you gain absolutely no benefit by entertaining it.

Fate, luck, Destiny or God are NOT creating your circumstances in life, but if you believe that they are then you will still manifest your own circumstances while manifesting the “ILLUSION” that your circumstances are being created by outside forces. Nevertheless, your circumstances will be created by you on a subconscious or “unconscious” level.

At this point you might not realize that all your circumstances are created by you, for you and unbeknown to you while you never come to understand that you truly do…create your own reality. Once you come to that understanding and awareness, you can then start to “control” all that which you manifest.

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If you have done any research on Law of Attraction or manifestation techniques and methods, you will come to realize that “you must vibrate that you ALREADY HAVE that thing or circumstance that you desire”. Now this is easy enough to say and to tell people to do but it is not so easy to achieve.

How can you vibrate that you ALREADY HAVE a million dollars when you only have one dollar. How can you vibrate that you ALREADY ARE madly in love with your soul mate when you are totally lonely etc.

This is the information regarding techniques and methods that you will receive in this new book, Manifesting the Ultimate. The inspired author and master of these techniques is one of the foremost authorities on the Seth Material written by Jane Roberts and he is an expert on topics such as parapsychology and metaphysics.

You will learn the missing element that has stopped you from manifesting your REAL desires and has kept you from controlling this automatic and involuntary process.

It is your choice as to which of the three types of people you want to be…1. People who make things happen…2. People who watch things happen or 3. People who say “what happened”. You CAN learn to make it happen, you know. You just need the “TRUE” methods.

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Deliberate Creators Use The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction brings us more of what we focus on. What we focus on is determined by how we feel. And how we feel is determined by what we think. Therefore attracting more of what you want in life should be easy – just change how you think!

Prosperity, harmony, loving relationships, infinite joy and happiness all begin with thought. All of your thoughts, every single one, have an influence on what you are experiencing in life. Change your thoughts and you, literally, change your life. So why is it that the majority of people live out the same problems, challenges and hardships year in and year out? Why do you think even people who have been travelling the self improvement path for many years still face the same toils and troubles they did when they first began their journey?

I believe it is because these people refuse to take 100% responsibility for their own lives. It is always easier to blame someone or something else for there woes. I also believe that these same people fail to understand what full responsibility means. Are you one of them? Of course taking full responsibility for everything that happens to you doesn’t mean you intentionally created that car accident, or the illness or the relationship break-up. However, in your thinking you planted the seed for these things and allowed them to grow in your mind. If you analyse your previous thoughts and behaviour honestly you will find that your negative thinking around these issues was indeed very strong! These thoughts, when repeated long enough, form a mental pattern. You then find yourself daydreaming about negative things, totally unaware that you are doing it most of the time and just how often you are doing it. If you become emotionally connected at the time of these daydreams or random thoughts you are drawing these things to you even faster!

When you are not consciously directing your thoughts and feelings you are actually creating by default! You are merely lacking in a full understanding of the great universal Law of Attraction. Every one of your thoughts is creative! Some thoughts get cancelled out, some take years to manifest and others get muddled up in indecision – one minute you think “I want an extra $400 a week in income” then the next minute you think “But I could only ever expect $200” then again you think “Maybe I could push for $300”. Continued thinking along these lines keeps you stuck. Continued negative thinking brings you down further. Creating by default is only advisable if you “first seek the kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added on to you”, Matthew 6:33. If you are 100% positive in your feelings and thoughts then you can create by default but let’s face it are you such a human being?

Once you understand the Law of Attraction and the power of all your thoughts you must begin to create what you want in your life in a conscious and deliberate way. Do you have a tendency to deny any responsibility for creating the things in your life that you do not like? Well until you understand your own power and accept responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions you cannot create deliberately. You must accept that the good, the bad and the ugly are all your creations and they are merely reflecting aspects of your own being (thoughts and feelings).

Another big hurdle to being a deliberate creator is trying to please others. Are you a hostage to the wants and expectations of other people? Well if you are you should know that there is no possible way to ever satisfy these wants or expectations because as you satisfy one another will appear. You cannot live your life for someone else. People who try to control others feel totally out of control in their own lives! They are never satisfied, so you trying to live your life to please them is a pointless quest!!

You must begin to focus on what you want not what others want for you! Basically, if you find that you are more focused on the things that you do not want then you will attract more of those things to you. However, if you begin to focus on those things that you do want you will find that you attract those things to you. That is why gratitude is so powerful. By being grateful for the things you have in your life you draw more of those things to you and through the Law of Attraction you draw other things to be grateful for to you also. Every time you a thought or feeling you are creating. Anytime you place your attention or focus on something you are drawing more of that to you. This is a never ending process. However, your creations are mostly by default! Now that you understand how the Law of Attraction works and how to utilize its immense power simply by changing your focus you have the power to work miracles – but only if you work that power. Use your emotions as a guide to how you are thinking. If you feel good when you are thinking then do more of that. If you feel bad when you think about certain subjects stop yourself in your tracks and reverse your thoughts until you start to feel good. In this way you will condition yourself for success and join the ranks of the deliberate creators!

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Cosmic Attraction


Currently, the Law of Attraction teaching that is readily available to the public deals with the first level of consciousness: Awakening. Becoming aware of the Law and discovering how it works.

This is a very conscious level and a necessary one, for until we believe in our hearts that this Universal Law does indeed work and we have evidence in the material world, we can go no further. we offer many articles, books and TeleClasses (telephone training) which can awaken and strengthen you while going through this level. Most people stay on this level for years, some never progress, but a few of you have already. You know you’ve entered the second level of consciousness regarding the Law of Attraction when you begin addressing the subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you. Meditation, introspection, deliberate observation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are applied rigorously to flush out those unnecessary beliefs and replace them with life-giving Truth. This phase may take six months to a year or more to complete. Our six-module Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner Audio Program is designed to facilitate your journey.

Cosmic AttractionTM: A Higher State of Attraction Consciousness

An even smaller, but significant, number of people are currently entering a higher level of understanding and application of the Law of Attraction. At this level, the individual identifies their highest potential outcomes and allows the vision of their potential to regulate their life.

This is what we call Cosmic AttractionTM–allowing your role in the order and harmony of the Universe to pull you into your Greatness. As you are drawn into Higher levels of Conscious Awareness, each level confronts resistance in the form of basic human instincts and complicated ego strategies. With support, you will learn how to release the causes of resistance and apply the gentle antidote of surrender to your Higher State. At this level, you are drawn by the vision into your greatness; where as before your focus was on attracting “things” to you.

As you grow in your understanding of and the evolution of consciousness, your desire to express pure love to others grows stronger. As you approach the consciousness level of “Unconditional Love” (540 on a scale of 1,000) miracles begin to happen. People are healed of terminal illness, others regain their life from a deep coma, money shows up in wondrous ways and relationships are healed of decades of hurt and resentment. I know about this level of consciousness from experience. For over 30 years I have witnessed and participated in dozens of miracles. Only now, do I have the liberty to talk about them.

Rebecca, founder of the Law of Attraction Training Center (http://www.lawofattractiontrainingcenter.com ) and author of Law of Attraction for Business, has used her unique blend of rational and intuitive gifts to masterfully assist thousands of people in the art of deliberately creating the life and business they truly want.
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Can the Law of Attraction Help You Make Money Online?

Do you believe that you can leverage the universe to attract prosperity and abundance? Maybe you think it is a bunch of bull. Either way, the law of attraction can still be used to help you make money online. Even if all it does is give you the right attitude to focus on you goals.

To quickly summarize the law of attraction for those that are unaware, it is a scientific quantum theory that states, like energy attracts like energy. With that understanding, if you are to apply it on a level of thought, the frequency you send out, or the thoughts you focus on regularly, is then attracted back to you like a magnet. If you always have a negative attitude, negative things will keep happening to you. The more negative things happen to you, the more negative your outlook becomes, the result is more negativity. The street goes both ways, the more positive things happen, the more positive you are, attracting more positivity into your life.

Let’s take a look at the law of attraction logically for the skeptics and the naysayers. With a positive attitude, fear cannot stand in your way.

Fear can be crippling. If you are constantly worried about your online marketing efforts failing, you may become apprehensive about moving forward. If you fear the outcome of moving forward, you may not move forward at all. If you don’t move forward, I think it is safe to say that you will not make any money online.

Take a negative Internet marketer for example. With a negative attitude, an Internet marketer may fear failure. This may cause them to jump ship at the first sign of rocky waters and give up before they even gave themselves a chance to succeed.

Let’s think about the positive Internet marketer for a minute. If they have a positive attitude about their efforts, chances are that they will move forward very rapidly with no regard for failure. Even if they do encounter failure by staying positive they quickly move on to do something else that may succeed.

If you really want to make money online you need to stay positive and be confident. If you can barrel through a few failed attempts you may be speeding towards an abundance of success that’s in store for you.

If you are not confident or feel negative about your online efforts, you may decide to quit at the first sign of failure. The simplest way to fail is to quit.

If you have a positive outlook once you see a little bit of success it may drive you to see more of those results. It’s like a domino or ripple effect. If you have made a little bit of internet money, you will believe that you can make more, and in turn be driven to do so. If you have made no internet money, you may believe that it is not possible, in turn driving your efforts into the pavement.

I can almost guarantee that any successful Internet marketer had thought at one point that they could do it. And once again any failed Internet marketer must have come to the thought that they cannot do it.

So you see even if you are skeptical about the Universe bringing you a pile of money just because you dreamed it up, you can still see how your thought process plays a direct role in your ability to make money online.

This can be applied to all areas of your life. If you want to experience positivity in your life, you really have to think that you can. If you are accustomed to thinking negatively it may be difficult to switch to positive thoughts. You may want to put post it notes around your workspace to remind yourself of your goals and what you set out to achieve. You may also want to tack up little uplifting messages that lift your spirits.

You will want to view yourself as if you already are a successful Internet marketer. Even if you are not, you can tell yourself that you are just getting started. That is not a lie. Even the richest online marketers with millions had to have a point where they hadn’t made a single dollar online.

Take some time out every day to envision what your life will be like once you have achieved the level of success you desire. If you want a nicer home imagine how you would arrange your furniture. If you want a nicer car, imagine what it would feel like to grip the steering wheel. Imagine having no limit on the amount of money you can spend and what that will feel like. Where would you shop? Where would you dine? Where would you vacation? These are just a few aspects you may decide to indulge in.

In order to make money online, you have to think that you can make money online. Whether the Universe will bring it to you through cosmic forces, or it is simply your attitude that drives your efforts. If you want to make money online you really do need to focus on the right thought process.

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Law of Vibration

What you focus on will expand. What you consistently think about, you will bring into your life. You will attract into your life your most dominant thoughts. This is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is also called the “Law of Vibration,” and the “Law of Magnetism.”

Many times, you hear people say, “Be positive and don’t be negative.” They think that there may be a small benefit to being positive as opposed to being negative. The truth is, our thoughts are much more powerful than that.

By our own thoughts and actions we bring to ourselves courage or discouragement. Every day we have a choice. Yes, it is a choice. If a person chooses to go around all day thinking depressing thoughts, sighing at everything, criticizing everyone else, complaining, replying to everything in a depressed tone, will the result be a happy, positive successful person? Not in the least!

It is by our own thoughts and corresponding actions that we attract things into our lives. Whether the thoughts you think are good or bad, positive or negative, successful or unsuccessful, victory or failure, you determine your own results every day!

We have free will to choose. That is the way that the Creator designed human beings. We can choose to think whatever we want to think. We can also decide to change our mental attitude, and choose to think differently.

This may take a little effort, because we are all in the habit of thinking certain things. But with consistent effort, we can break those habits and establish new ones.

For example, think of a person who has a habit of complaining. This person, no matter what happens, always finds something to complain about. But, by making a deliberate effort, that person can stop complaining. They can choose to look for and think about the good things that are going on around them. They can choose to be grateful for the things that they do have.

Many people do not realize that what you focus expands. In other words, if you are always complaining, or looking for the things that are wrong, and then thinking about those things, you are literally attracting more of those things into your life.

Our minds were designed to find and attract that which we choose to think about and focus on. Think about it. Do you know people who complain and are negative all the time? What happens to them over and over again? Negative things consistently come their way. They fail. The cycle then repeats over and over again.

On the other hand, what do positive, successful people focus on? They think about and talk about positive and successful things. And in turn, what do they manifest in their lives? They consistently succeed.

Why does the same thing happen over and over, day after day? Because that is the way our minds were designed. The Law of Attraction works for everyone because it is a universal truth. You can call it whatever you want to call it, but it works just as effectively as the Law of Gravity.

As a matter of fact, a verse in the Bible describes it beautifully. This verse has been, and continues to be quoted over and over. (It seems to me that almost every self help book written might be based on this powerful truth.) The book of Proverbs says, “As he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

What you consistently think about, you will bring into your life. You are today a result of the dominant thoughts that you have chosen to think and believe.

The good news is, you can change your world, your environment and your situation. Whatever you desire to change in your life starts with the thoughts you put in your mind.

It is in changing our thoughts that we will change our condition, our situation, and our circumstances. The choice is always yours!

Choose to succeed!

Michael A. Verdicchio is a husband, father, minister, and broadcaster. He has been the voice on numerous productions over the years. Michael is the author and producer of “Inspirational Pep Talks”, available at http://www.InspirationalPepTalks.com .
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Attraction – How To Use A Universal Law

The Law of Attraction is evident everywhere you look. Have you ever been thinking of someone and suddenly the phone rings and it’s them? Perhaps you have been admiring some new shoes on the TV when you suddenly find them in a shop off-the-beaten track? Many people put such incidences down to coincidence but if you look at the broader areas of your life you will discover that this phenomenon occurs all the time!

The Law of Attraction works because you get more of what you focus on in life. Your thoughts are creative!

Whatever you place your focus on tends to increase in your life. If you focus on wealth you will get more wealth. Likewise, if you focus on poverty, you will tend to create situations that rob you of what little you do have.

The Law of Attraction works on this simple premise. What you focus on you get more of. This is why negative thinking can be so damaging to your life. By worrying about things that have already happened, are happening now or that you are fearful may happen in the future you are activating the most powerful law in the universe to your detriment. You are attracting the very things that you do not want.

In order to activate the law of Attraction you need do nothing. This law is constantly at work because you are constantly thinking and feeling. What you need to do is make a decision that you are going to deliberately take control and use this law to your advantage.

What many people tend to do is judge things by appearances. They observe what is happening in their world and then offer thoughts that are similar to it. The Bible tells us not to judge by the sight of our eyes or in John 7:24 “Judge not according to the appearance”. You must get into a mental state that reflects the things you want not where you are constantly focusing on the lack of it.

Create a mental picture of the life you wish to live and generate as much positive emotion around it as you can. This will immediately activate the Law of Attraction and begin the manifestation of that vision.

In order to create an accurate and detailed mental picture of what you want you must first be clear on exactly what it is that you want. This may sound like common sense but the great majority of people cannot tell you what they want from life. Their desires are vague. They want better relationships but don’t know what a better relationship would look or feel like. They want more money but don’t know how much? They want a different career but can’t decide what would suite them best. You must not be one of these people if you wish to live life on your terms.

Think of an area of your life where you feel something is missing or could do with improving. Any area where you feel an improvement would give you joy and make you feel positive emotions.

Get clear on exactly what you want to happen, achieve or attract. Do your finances need improving or your relationships? Would you prefer to have a new exciting career in a field that fills you will joy and job satisfaction? Is your health and fitness not at a level you are happy with? Chose an area now!

Now that you have your chosen life area it is time to decide what you want to happen in it. Be very clear on what you want. If you want improvement in your career what type of job would you enjoy doing? Be specific. If you want a better relationship what type of person would best suite you and be the perfect partner for you? What mentyal, emotional and physical characteristics would they have? What values and beliefs would they hold dear? If you wish to improve your finances, exactly how much additional income do you want? Would you prefer a cash lump sum? Be specific!

Now write it down. Write it as an affirmation. Write it as though you were explaining to someone else what your life is like now that you have this thing. Read this statement every morning and every night while you visualize it as already existing. Generate positive emotions around it. Emotions are the catalyst that kick-starts the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts are creative but your emotions are the fuel that drives your thoughts towards manifestation.

Carry-on in your daily activities staying focused on your goal. If you think a negative thought about it stop for a moment and reverse the thought. Think about it until you can feel only positive emotion around it.

Be open to opportunities. I promise you if you are diligent in your daily visualizations you will soon see many opportunities all around you.

Act! Take some action that will bring you towards your goal no matter how small that action may be. Look for a new job, socialize or investigate ways of improving your finances. When you take one step forward the universe will rush to meet you!

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