6 Helpful Tips in Making a Good Life Plan for Busy People

Sticking with your personal moral, practicing the law of attraction, setting your priorities, multi-tasking, preferring shortcuts, and managing stress are some of the tips that you can do in making a good life plan.

Despite how busy and tight your schedule gets, one could always make a good life plan. By considering some helpful tips that are effective in lay-outing an adequate life plan you could easily manage your busy life. Read on to know some helpful tips promoting the concepts of creating and organizing a good life plan.

Sticking with your core values

One of the most popular strategies in maximizing time is making your daily activities parallel to your core values. It would be easier to organize activities since the choices are trimmed down to what you personally believed in doing. Once you are able to distinguish the values and things that are more important to you then you can slot down your schedules of activities relative to your personal core values.

Practicing the law of attraction

By believing in the positivity of things, the law of attraction becomes more prominent. Visualizing the things that you want to attract in your life will help you maintain a positive spirit. Have a positive spirit to help you follow the plan that you have created in reaching your goal. Eliminate the task and activities that can cause you to stray to another direction and those that are causing delays in reaching your goal. The law of attraction will inspire and fuel your enthusiasm over things. It will also prevent you from seeing your life as a boring routine.

Setting your priorities

Making a clear list of setting your priorities promote productivity. It is important to know your top priorities to be guided in maximizing your day’s work. Know how to say no over things that are of lesser importance to you. Of course, it is also crucial to do this as politely as possible to avoid pressure and stress.


Multi-tasking the proper activities will also get your productivity going. Despite a busy schedule you could always minimize some small tasks that could be great stressors. Minimizing these small tasks is by wisely pairing it together as a multi-tasking activity. The key is to do a mental activity together with a physical activity that does not require intensive mental concentration.

Preferring shortcuts

Pointing ways to make your life easier by taking shortcuts in your daily activities can save you more time that you could ever expect. This does mean that you will compromise quality over time rather spend a quality time activities. For example instead of ordering on drive-thru for quick meals cook instant meals or pre-cooked ingredients for dinner especially when the whole family is around. These will both save you time but the latter does not compromise the quality of a good family dinner bonding.

Managing stress

Managing your stress and knowing how to handle stressful situations will help enhance a healthy lifestyle and rational thinking. You can be best in organizing our life if one is not under the anxiety of stress. Always try to follow various stress management strategies to minimize getting overwhelmed over unnoticed stressors. A good example is by allowing yourself to relax. A free day intended only for yourself over a busy and pressuring week is an effective tip to get hold of properly managing your stress.

Don’t let a busy schedule get a hold of you. Avoid the stressful routine. Get ahead in life and be able to effectively organize a healthy plan for a good life.

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