Adding a Law of Attraction MLM Opportunity to My Life

Hello, I’m Karen Saunders, and I’d love to share my story about using the Law of Attraction to create a retirement income and opportunity in my life. I’m already a happy business owner. My business is successful. Does knowing that make you wonder why I’d put even more work my way? I can share this with you right away: what I do is a lot more like fun than like work and I really enjoy my MLM (multi-level marketing) opportunity.

Graphics Services

I am the owner, creative director and team leader at a graphic design firm in Colorado. It was my dream job after I graduated from a Fine Arts College. In my career are many award winning moments, which make me proud and happy. My business gets results for our clients by creating award winning designs of logos, stationery, brochures, ads, book covers and interiors, and other marketing materials and provides wide avenues to express my creativity.

I love my business because it incorporates the services of a team of professionals which serve all aspects of the design process, so I am not left doing all of the work alone. And I am an avid sports enthusiast, so teamwork in this business allows me to glory in my sports loves: windsurfing, waterskiing, snow skiing, volleyball, and bike rides and camping.

Retirement is Inching Ever Closer

Are you wondering more why I might add a Law of Attraction MLM opportunity to what already seems to be an idyllic career? I learned and used the principles of the Law of Attraction to create the team in my graphic arts business. I knew, though, that this business was necessarily dependent on the hours I invested in it. When I stop working, it stops producing. I could see that while I enjoyed success in my chosen career, the business model was not ideal for the ultimate dreams I was still dreaming. I began to search for a way to make those dreams materialize.

A New and Different Business Model

I researched and I discovered MLM. You may have heard about it referred to as network marketing. In this model, a distributor would be paid for his/her own sales and for the sales of other distributors in his/her organization (called a down line). A distributor also receives bonuses for sponsoring other distributors into his/her down line. MLM is a completely legitimate business model that doesn’t require an enormous initial investment. The key to success is to sponsor and train several strong leaders in your down line who are actively sponsoring new people into the business. The secret is duplication: teaching others to do what you do, and passing that knowledge on to the people they sponsor, and so on.

I began to see wonderful benefits accruing for me: I was doing a job I really loved. It was easy for me to talk about the job with my family and friends and to encourage their participation. I could see that some aspects of MLM marketing were similar to affiliate programs on the internet which I earn commissions. I like commissions. I could see that as I worked to build this business using the same Law of Attraction principles I’d used in the graphics business, I was accruing residual income that worked even when I myself wasn’t specifically working! Now this was very appealing to me.

I love people, and my new MLM part-time job for my retirement was yet another perfect opportunity to show my love, my respect for others. I really enjoy helping others, and this job is a perfect way to stop on my own path, turn around, and lend a helping hand to those behind me. I love the social interaction at our meetings. I know that the training tips I receive keep the principles of success in the forefront of my mind and this keeps the Law of Attraction active. I’ve helped others nearing retirement discover an opportunity they had not envisioned, and I’ve also helped stay-at-home moms create an income to help their families.

It isn’t necessary to have a store front. You don’t have to have a college degree. There isn’t a time clock to punch; you can choose the hours you want to invest. Your efforts are leveraged – you’ll make an income as long as your down line is growing and selling. The business plans and the business systems are already in place for you. You’ll enrich your leadership skills and you’ll have a wonderful sense of satisfaction. I know I do.

Interested in more income, personal satisfaction, expanding your horizons, or making a positive difference in other people’s lives? Karen Saunders has built a successful home-based business by deliberately using the Law of Attraction. If you’d like to learn more about how she’s accomplished that plus useful tips to meet your own goals, call toll-free 888-796-7300 or visit
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