Does Law On Human Attraction Exist?

According to the law of human attraction, two folks of different sex are attracted to one another. It sounds strange because such rules are only relevant in electromagnetism. This raises concerns whether it is good to fall for one another, and what lies behind a cheating boyfriend.

Is attraction a case of chemistry?

Scientists have discovered that the attraction is caused by pheromones. They have studied the effect of the pheromones and they found out that it’s responsible for communication. An example of a pheromone is the skunk’s odour that protects it from enemies. It is said that some apes species rub urine that contains pheromone on the feet of mate so they attract them.

The scientists have also said that female animals send chemical signals that attract male of their species. The male species are informed that the genes are different. In fact, pheromones are used currently to make perfumes so that the one using it attracts the opposite sex. This has led on to hunting down animals for the chemicals.

Scientists are now trying to figure out whether pheromones also exist in humans. Most scientists have ruled out the possibility that these chemicals exist in humans. However, they’re now considering a possibility of its existence after getting other suggestions from Swiss researchers led by Klaus Wedekind.

They came up with an experiment whereby women on their ovulation period were told to sniff men’s cotton shirt. They concluded that ladies liked the smell of the shirts belonging to genetically different men. But they said that it depends on the perfume and the food the man eats.

Does character figure in sexual attraction?

According to a Klohen, E.C, & S.Luo, the human attraction to the opposite sex in hypothetical scenarios is determined by one’s sense of self-security and the perception. This shows it is somebody’s personality that attracts you to him or her. Aside from character, the perception is another factor that will attract you to him or her. It takes time to study the character of your partner.

How does attraction figure in relationships?

Attraction is the first step before getting into a serious relationship. However, attraction alone doesn’t guarantee a good relationship. Attraction is only there to help you notice a partner. For your relationship to be long, there is need for shared dreams and values.

Should I stop trying to become attractive?

Aside from working on your physical looks, also work on spiritual, mental and emotional aspects. Physical attraction is a precursor to date. When choosing a partner it is recommended that you get advice from a doctor so that you get a partner with healthy genes.

You should know how she handles her emotions because you will not want to live with a person who feels insecure. Be yourself. You do not have to pretend so you please your partner. Human attraction will be a consequence and not an end when you are fit in all aspects.

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