Positive Affirmation: A Story Of Hope

It’s possible to use a positive affirmation to get over the negativity and thoughts that can trap anybody. People from all walks of life can experience a period of emotional homelessness. Everyone knows someone who has experienced dark depression. A lot of people become completely helpless when they let powerful feelings to raise to psychological grief.

A friend of mine explained about a guy who married a lady with a five year old son. The young child was clinically determined to have high functioning autism. The man and the kid connected in extraordinary ways. Their connection ended in the boy integrating to public school and reaching the greatest marks possible at the proper grade level. More essential was the boy stating that he felt like he belonged.

Over a five year period the man and child become blended in their minds and hearts. The boy said that he patiently lay his whole life for his real true papa to come for him. The boy listened with patience one day while his stepfather discussed the adoption process and then told the guy that he understood except that God had presently made them a complete family.
Throughout this 5 year time period the mom suffered increasing despair, sleeping disorders, and her behaviour fluctuated from the lows to unexpected elevated moods. Despite every effort to be loving and supportive the mom showed destructive habits with infidelities and other betrayals. Eventually she left the house and went into a working relationship that built no sense to anyone who recognized her.

The child and man continued the best they can till the day arrived where the mother went back to take the kid from the man he claimed as his one true dad and the place he known as home. It absolutely was the start of a soul shattering splitting up. The man was smashed. He didn’t do anything for several sleepless days and had no appetite.
He awoke one early morning and wrote down all the things he could do to help save his child. At the top of the list was a declaration to be thankful that his child was still living and depending on his papa to rescue him. The guy started with an attitude of thankfulness. He started and concluded every day declaring his thanks out loud. He talked to his windshield in the van, the reflection in the store front doorways, and the mirror on the front door in his bedroom.

He knew the coming holidays will be filled up with loving memories of his kid. He used his positive affirmation of gratitude by volunteering to provide food at a community church, give foods to shut in elderly people, and collect products for the community food bank. He wanted to provide nourishment to help remind him self that love can sustain any one of us.

Soon after 6 months of separation, the man was closing down his car and had his door open when he observed a tiny voice questioning him if he would want to get out of the car and embrace his own child. They two melted into each into the arms of the other. Before sleeping that night they shared a prayer and each talked words of gratitude that were heard from their home to the heavens above.

Everyone of us has the ability to select our emotions. We can discover the effective impact a positive affirmation can wield in our daily life. Think about the improvements your desire to make starting up today and become the designer of your transformation.