Self-Confidence Is A Regular Story That You Tell Yourself

We all tell ourselves stories all the time. That is an element of the way that we create the thoughts and feelings that enable us to do all of the things that we do. For instance you might have got out of bed today not feeling one hundred percent. Perhaps you asked yourself, “am I too sick to go to work?” If your honest answer was “marginal”, you may then have made up a story to elucidate to your team leader that you were too ill to work. For instance: “when I awakened this morning I had this rasping sore throat and I feel highly feverish”.

The more we tell ourselves these stories the easier we find it to believe in the truth of the story. In the “sore throat” example above you could well be croaking as you speak to your supervisor on the phone to elucidate why you’re not coming to work today.

Much of the time we use stories to excuse ourselves or to clarify our unacceptable performance to ourselves and others. But you can also use stories in a greatly more positive way. You can write stories about the self-confidence you are feeling. If you construct a good self-esteem story and continue to tell yourself that story you will, in time, find that you begin to feel self-confident.

The trick to making a good story is to construct it in three distinct parts, the past, the present and the future. For example, “I once suffered from a dearth of self-confidence, but now I feel assured all of the time, I know that now that I have found my self confidence I will always feel assured in the future”.

The other part of the trick to being self-confident is to learn your story by heart and to carry on telling yourself the very same story continuously. Never vary your story and make it your habit to always recite your story at least four times a day at the same times.

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