The Truth About The Secret And The LOA (I)

What has to do with The Secret Law of Attraction? Why is a “Secret”?, What lessons leave us?, Does anyone invented “The Secret”? These and some other questions are extremely commonplace and today you will learn that there's truth behind the “Secret”.

Since Rhonda Byrne’s film was released in 2006 much has been announced of the Secret and how it can change your life for the better. Today we reveal a little of this poser, answer most renowned questions and understand what lessons has to given us.

1. Why is a “Secret”?

The Secret came out of the invention of the creator Rhonda Byrne. The main idea is that the LOA concepts have been taught for years , decades and even centuries and have been typically ignored, dropped and nearly concealed. So it is a “secret” that only some had been using for a few years. The objective of the film was “revealing the secret,” tell to many millions of people about the concealed laws of the universe that will help you in your daily life.

2. What has to do with The Secret Law of Attraction?

Rather a lot. The secret, as is told in the movie and book that bears its name collects the essential elements of the L. O. A and other Laws of the Universe. Talking of the Secret is preparing to talk about the L. O. A and the Laws of the Universe at the same time.

3. What lessons has the secret for us?

The lessons are simple but very powerful and if we learn how to bring these ideas into use in our day we realize a difference within ourselves first and then in our reality. (Ley de Atraccion)

see few of the tried and tested principles of “The Secret”:

a) “The universe is energy” the material that consists all things (including us) is deep inside made from energy or rather of “vibrations.” These vibrations change according to our mood, our thoughts and feelings. AtreveteAVivir

b) “Similar vibrations vibrate together” or “like pulls Similar “: This means that our vibrations tend to attract more of these vibrations, the results reflecting this in our fact. If we are mindful of this mechanism, we can handle our vibrations to attract another sort of fact.

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