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The secret

The Secret about "THE SECRET"


A Secret hidden during thousands of years, is finally revealed in our era. Now You will be able to know:

blue button What's true about "THE SECRET"

blue button How thousands of people HAVE BEEN DECEIVED with "The Secret"

blue button Which are the reasons why "The Secret" has not been what they expected it to be (although it could have helped them if they had ALL the information)


The Secret talks basically about The Law of Attraction. This law exists and it works beyond the personal beliefs, that is to say that either you believe in it or not, you are ruled by it. This works as the law of the graveness; you can know that it exists or not know it, you can believe in it or not, but if you throw an object from a certain height, in all the cases it will be hit against the floor.

But the fact that it exists, it doesn't mean that it can be manipulated at will by anyone that heard about it through a movie, or through books that provide partial knowledge on the topic. I will give you an example easy to understand: You know that the law of the graveness exists. But if you throw an object from a certain height, can you avoid hitting the floor with that object, because you know that the law of graveness exists?

One thing is that The Law of Attraction exists, and another very different to have the power to dominate it. This is not achieved with a simple reading. You need the knowledge that the reading provides, and you also need to have the necessary tools to control it. And that is what this report is about.


All that you will read has been proved by science, and you will find many testimonies of people that have followed these teachings. And in spite of its serious and scientific approach, this is an easy reading report, that any one can understand and make profit from.

All that you need is to decide in what areas of your life you want to put this Law into action, and then follow the easy step-by-step simple instructions that I will provide you.


You will be able to see how the application of these teachings has modified the life of thousands of people that have overcome serious illnesses, have found the love of their life, have considerably improved their income, have been able to get off weight, and dozens of other incredible but true examples.


No, I have to tell you that IT DOESN'T works for everybody, and for that reason at the beginning of this page I have told you that there are more people that have been deceived with The Law of Attraction, than those that have been helped by it, because to really be able to change your life you should know:

  • How The Law of Attraction works
  • Why you are under The Law of Attraction's power
  • How to open your mind to the unlimited possibilities that the universe  provides in your life. 
  • What you need to do to make The Law o Attraction work FOR YOU (This could mean de difference between making it happen and getting it all wrong!)
  • The secret to becoming a money magnet, fast and easy.
  • How to become aware of the Law of Attraction at work in your life
  • How to maximize The Law of Attraction's influence
  • The essential secrets of visualization to attract everything you want in your life
  • The #1 thing that can block you from achieving your desires (This is where most people go wrong)
  • What can you do to make The Law of Attraction work faster
  • Tens of testimonies of people that have already used these tools
  • Which are the ideal brain levels to work over The Law of Attraction
  • What exercise you need to do to program The Law of Attraction
  • How can you master the deep levels of the mind
  • How to reach the level where you have the biggest blockade
  • All that you need to change the live that you are living into the live that you would like to live
  • And much, much more!


I' me sure that once you read the book and started to practice the exercises you will discover surprising consequences, because this is a proven program that has already benefited more than 40.000 people, and you are only one step away to start enjoying the kind of benefits, that so many others have already enjoyed and continue enjoying.

Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi


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